Wednesday, 19 October 2005

The Magic Coffee Pixie

Very muchly enjoying the weekly edition of The Attic on Who TV. Much better than Richard and Judy any day of the week! It's like the musician version of daytime TV. *Love* it!

Sat here thinking how truly fabulous Rachel's bassist is... even for a bassist... and then he says he used to play drums. My intuition is astounding. LOL!

And just how adorable is the magic-coffee-pixie?! Bless! Rachel's going to install a stanna stairlift in for him so the stairs don't do his back in. (Giggles). He even did his fabulous weekly tales of musicians from the "the good old days" which I *adore* seeing as that's my musical era in the first place... but I just love the way there's all these new musos sat around listening to him like he's the guru. LOL! This week it was Pentangle! And Jimmy Page got a mention, but only for inventing a bizarre mechanical guitar that changes it's own tuning as you play it. Sounds dreadful!

Mikey is playing more of the songs he wrote about Rene.. which are actually much better than the ones about the ex-girlfriend who shall not be named. Those songs were pretty, but not as fab as the new stuff.
They've played Winter again which is beautiful. And it's all getting very crowded in the attic. Rachel and Mikey of course... but there's also Pete and Simon and Rachel's bassist (need to know his name) and "the tampon dog" - bless!

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