Sunday, 23 October 2005

into the unknown

Today has been full of those "wow, I never knew that" moments.

"Mumsie" from channel 4's The Crystal Maze was played by Alma Cogan's sister... yes, the very same one that had a bit of a thing going on with Paul McCartney.

Phil Daniels has owned a scooter for two years, he bought it as a way of avoiding the London congestion charge (we better get him a job in the American embassy), and lives in constant fear of people recognising him and yelling "Oy! Quadrophenia!" at him.

Was meant to be going to the cinema tonight to watch the new Pride and prejudice. Checked the times and found out it had stopped playing. Damn. Didn't really fancy going to see Wallace and Gromit's "Curse of the Were Rabbit" (or whatever it's called) tonight when I've worked myself up into period drama mode, so called the trip off. Had been worrying how I would carry nachos, ice cream, chocolate and a coke one handed anyway. :-( And this new big scree version isn't exactly going to beat the BBC TV marathon is it? Best book adaptation *ever*. Am going to stay at home and prolly watch the DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South instead.

Have finally got an appointment with the specialist for next Monday morning... mildly nervous. Especially as I have to go to the hospital for it.. they might do weird tests. Help! Oh well, I'm going so they can fix me (good luck to them! LOL). Hope I don't need operating on. Can't imagine they put you to sleep just to operate on your wrist... will need someone to hold me down. If I need someone to hold my hand at the dentists I am so going to need restrainign by a lot of people for that sort of thing.


...and how will this affect my future palmistry wise? Your four chinese fate lines are located on your right wrist... Health, wealth, happiness and long life. Health and wealth are good and strong. Haven't got a long life one, maybe they'll create one. My happiness one has been slowly fading away so maybe they can fix that ..."erm, can you make the incision there please, it'll mean I've got a chance of actually being happy"... oh god. incision. on my wrist. I'll bleed to death! not good with blood.

*passes out*

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