Wednesday, 19 October 2005

feeling smug

Ventured out into the big wide world as I *needed* pizza. Driving left handed isn't too hard seeing as I often put my make-up on when I'm on my way to work in the morning and am quite used to it... but I have today achieved the unthinkable. One handed speedy parallel parking into a tiny parking space. YAY me!

I've been severely dreadful at parallel parking since passing my driving test as all of a sudden I could avoid it and use car parks and walk (walking being prefereable to parallel parking). So the skill kind of died, and now when I have to parallel park I usually have a total freak out, take a long time over it and plan each move in great detail before going ahead... and then screw it up and get really mad with myself and drive off and park elsewhere.

But today I was in a hurry cos my pizza was getting cold and there was also a crowd of builders stood on the corner of the road watching in a very amused and patronising manner... so my "yeah so I'm a blonde female driver, but I can sodding well do this, you damnwell watch me!" attitude kicked in and I zoomed into the space perfectly at break neck speed. Bet Nigel Mansell couldn't have done better. HA!

I reserve the right to be smug about this all day long.

And then on the way home I took a short cut through a really silly little windy road where you have to creep out slowly at the junction cos you can't see a thing and it's likely someone will appear out of nowhere and smash into you... and some dimwit came round me in fourth gear and rushed straight out into the road... luckily (she says with great sarcasm) he didn't get smashed into. But I caught up with him at next junction a few yards down the road where he was having much more trouble getting into the traffic, revved at him and he promptly stalled the car. Haha! He got in a right mess then so I left him to it, drove round him and left him sat there.

Get off the damn road, there's a revengeful blonde in the area. LOL!


  1. Hello premierludwig,
    Found your blog on Rachel Fuller's.
    Parallel parking can sometimes be such a pain. Guess you showed those guys just how it's done. Peace.

  2. Thank you premierludwig. Yes Rachel is amazing I agree.
    Without us drummers there just wouldn't be Rock and Roll.
    Stop by and join us in Ballerina Gurl's chat room for next weeks show.
    Peace, love and light.

  3. Hey ther premierludwig.
    Just thought I'd pop in to see what you were up too. Rock on!!

    Peace, love and light.

  4. Hello......You still there?

    Peace, love and light.

  5. Looks Like I'm going to have to spread the word around about your blog. Just cruising so I thought I would stop by and say hello.