Thursday, 27 September 2012

T-shirt Reconstructions

I've been reconstructing my own T-shirts for quite a while now and friends keep handing me a pair of scissors to alter something for them or ask how it's done.  I've had several people nagging me to start selling my reconstructed shirts too, but that's a bit scary so I've not tried that.  I started off attacking shirts to make the over-sized ones fit me, and then realised how much I hated the standard T-shirt shape and now buy everything a size or two larger and alter them.

I have finally written down some proper instructions to explain the process.  The main instructions show how to make my default style which has gathered sleeves that sit on the shoulder and knitted sides that bring the shirt in at the waistline in gathers and drape fabric across the tummy and derriere.

I've included loads of variations at the end so that you can do different sleeves or give the shirt an empire line waist.

It's quite an easy process, requires no sewing and I can make one over a few cups of tea or while watching a film in the evening.  I'd recommend trying it out on an old shirt you don't like to get the hang of it.  Your work will get neater and much quicker once you've tried the first one.

If you're doing my default version and it doesn't look quite right when you've finished, you can always unfasten and re-tighten the shoulders, and unfasten and re-knit the sides (even cutting larger sections before re-knitting if you didn't take it in enough).  The finished version should automatically come in at the waist when laid flat.

PDF instructions

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