Friday, 24 August 2012

More charts

Just a post where I'm going to store more of the charts I've designed (as inspired by the ones at Textile Transfigurations).  I'm making them to go with the charts I'm using from there so they'll be designed in the same size.

I'm using them to crocket into cushions or blanket squares, and I've already got a small backlog of requests.  If you want to learn how to do crochet portraits, I'd suggest checking out Lee's Site.

To download full size, right click, "Save Target As...".

To start with here's David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jnr.

The dark blue squares have been used to represent black so that you can still see the grid and count squares more accurately.

To use it for cross-stitch, just remove the border and background.

If you are on Ravelry and make use of any of these charts, please link up to the project on there so I can see your results. :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Slytherin Crest Project

I'm not very well at the moment so I'm spending the Summer stuck indoors indulging in some favourite childhood crafts.

While making film character portraits in crochet (they'll end up as cushions, a blanket or attached to some sort of furniture by my upholstery genius mother) I found myself in need of a Slytherin Crest in the same size, so here it is (right click, Save Target As... to download full size version).

The chart is exactly the same size as the Severus and Lucius squares I'm making (as designed by Textile Transfigurations) so I'm assuming that all of the other character squares are this size too. It uses four colours instead of five as the crest looked better without the white. I've made the black appear as a dark grey in the image so that it's easy to count squares (something I struggle to do on the Textile Transfigurations versions so I end up drawing white lines on the black sections before printing out).

Most people have been knitting the Textile Transfigurations squares but I wanted to crochet mine.  It's *really* easy and if you've never tried it before, there's a lovely Fibre Artist called lee who has done a crochet-along set of videos here.  It seems that most  of the crochet portrait makers like to use read-along charts but I prefer an image chart so I can see where I am easily, know what it's going to turn out like and can spot any mistakes early enough to correct them.  Lee has some lovely Harry Potter charts too if you prefer read-along charts, and there's a Slytherin crest on there (but just not the size I was wanting).

I've mapped out the banner separately in case anyone wants to use that for something (right click, Save Target As... to download full size version).

For those who prefer cross stitch or tapestry, here it is in a cross stitch chart format.

The colours I've suggested should turn out like this


I've approximated the number of stitches and recommend comparing them to Kathleen Dyer's chart so that you can work out how much floss you need for the project.

If you are on Ravelry and make use of any of these charts, please link up to the project on there so I can see your results.  :)