Saturday, 31 December 2005

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Beam me up

This new mobile phone is all very nice and everything... but I can't delete my text messages, and for some reason the "email photo" function isn't working either so I can't delete or send the photos I've taken to my computer. :-p!!!!!

The manual is useless. Makes no sense. Damn.

Still looks pretty though, and it works in every other way (so far). Am also starting to feel a bit Star-Trekkish everytime I flip it open to answer a call or something. Instead of saying hello, I keep wanting to answer calls with "beam me up scotty" ...or whatever they used to say. They haven't shown 60s episodes of Star Trek on TV for about a decade, and I only like the 60s episodes cos the aliens always have super fab 60s hairstyles and clothing.. who'd have known aliens were so groovy?!

Saturday, 17 December 2005

Malibu Beach Lennon

The wonder that is John Lennon's estate has come up with a new collectable toy that many Beatle fans will no doubt give to their kids in the hope they'll grow up into a Beatlenut rather than a goth or a rap artist or something...

The John Lennon Talking Doll... yes, a doll. And before anyone gets KinKy, it's an action figure doll... like a decent version of Barbie's Ken... or Sindy's Paul who was incidentally named after Mr McCartney. Sindy's dog got named Ringo, and they didn't name anything after George thank goodness! I have to say that a friend and I did get very hysterical one night after a few glasses of scotch reading a 1960s Sindy Annual which had Ringo doing some rather suspicious sounding things... anyway, I digress. [giggles] doesn't actually look too bad... if you like grumpy looking dolls that look like they should be grimacing their way through the next edition of Die Hard. But I reckon if you stood the doll next to Ken and asked Barbie to choose, she'd flatten the Lennon talking Doll within seconds and forget who Ken was. LOL!

Worried what this doll is going to *sound* like too... will it use actual recordings of John (which will freak me out completely), will they have it saying John phrases in an unconvincing American accent and totally the wrong voice, or is it going to sound Taiwanese and say something along the lines of "Hi, I'm John, let's go visit Barbie"?! YIKES!

...and more importantly, is it going to have a change of clothes such as a collarless suit and a set of teeny tiny miniature cuban heels?

Thoroughly freaked out. But if I was about 7 years old I reckon I'd want one.

...for those into 60s objects who are also finding the whole thing fascinatingly hilarious, you should go check out this site we've been discussing at the Vintage Fashion Guild that chronicles the life and times of Barbie's Ken.

The Herman Munster lookalike "mod hair Ken" with stick on beard and sidebuns (we've gone back into tribute Beatle land again... if they bring out a Ringo action figure with an array of noses, someone high up in the toy factory will wish they'd never been born once I track them down!) that comes with a ruffled shirt and flowery jacket is particularly hilarious.

"New Good Looking Ken" would baffle everyone, "Great Shape Ken" is not something you'd want to bump into on a dark night... and the "Hot Rockin' Fun Rockstars Ken" is just a New-Romantic nightmare!

...and while you're there, check out the Legolas (LOTR) and Shaggy (Scooby Doo) versions. Really freaked out.

The man behind the doll

The brick phone has died

Well, seeing as my beloved brick phone that I've had since I was a trainee hairdresser (yes, I *have* had it that long) has died, I've had to buy a new one. The brick phone still switches on... but switches itself off if you press the call or send message buttons.. and also the minute you answer a call. Not terribly helpful behaviour in a mobile phone. It's so old though, and it's been dropped and thrown around, got all sorts of hairspray and things all over it in its first few months of life, and it's finally just had enough.

I've gone from brick phone that you could knock potential attackers out with to a light weight, foldable, picture taking, voice recognition phone that you can play monopoly on.

So I've spent a rediculous amount of time today setting my new phone up, learning how to use it... and irritating the hell out of Enty my cat by taking pictures of him with it. Tried taking pictures of Dusty too, but seeing as she's one big mass of black fluff she doesn't come out very well. :-( ..Enty is fed up and is curled up in a little ball behind the sofa now. It's so tiring being hounded by the paparazzi, LOL! Mother is fed up of me calling her, just to check if yelling "Mum!" at my phone makes it ring her or not. And I think it's time I left the poor phone alone before I wear this one out too. Love having new toys to play with! :-D

...and I've already downloaded it a ring tone of Guns&Roses singing the chorus of Sweet Child Of Mine cos I love that song. The only love-song (ish) a rock musician has ever written about a girl that wouldn't make her want to cringe and run and hide under the nearest rock for the next ten years. LOL! ...then again, Poison would ba a cool song to have written about you wouldn't it... if you're the sort of person who likes being stalked by psychotic weirdos.. erm, yeah, okay, that ones not so good either. But at least it's not so soppy you want to throw up.

...very excited about tonight's Attic show. I really have missed that. I know, I know, I should get out more... just not when The Attic is on!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2005


One of my favourite paintings - Ophelia by John Everett Millais
Shakespeare's heroine Ophelia placed in the most amazingly painted setting (painted by the Hogsmill stream in Surrey). Elizabeth Siddal posed for this painting wearing an antique brocade gown and laid in a tin bath filled with water. The painting was created in winter with the bath water kept warm using small candles placed underneath the bath... on one ocassion Millais was so ingrosed in his work that all the candles gradually went out and by the time Lizzie was rescued from the water she was numb with cold and on the verge of pneumonia.

Like many pre-raphaelite paintings, it is full of imagery. Ophelia, rejected by Hamlet becomes quite insane and dies of a borken heart. She is shown here floating in flower strewn stream oblivious of the tragedy that awaits her and singing in her madness. Surrounded by forget-me-nots, poppies which signify death, pansies for vain love, and violets around her neck represent faithfulness, chastity and death in youth.

It's so decadently dark and decaying, yet full of light and serene beauty that it amazes me it wasn't created in Venice.

Thursday, 10 November 2005

how irritating!

in the "blogs of note" section when I logged into my blog today, they listed "boy who heard music" but not "rachelfuller".

Terribly unimpressed. It's put me right off.

Apparently one of Paul McCartney's gigs is going to be broadcast live to the international space station crew in order to wake them up... I think that's a little cruel, forcing them to listen to something. It's okay if they like hs music, but what if they don't? I imagine the horror I would face if I were several hundred miles in space and they broadcast something by T*m J***s (who I have a very rational phobia of), and I couldn't open the door and run to escape it! I'd break my way out of the space station with a tin opener if I had to. Dreadful idea. I don't see why they can't choose what they want to listen to.

Saturday, 29 October 2005

stop the world I want to get off

Had one of those really antisocial days today. Everytime I had a visitor I was repeatedly wondering when they were going to go home. "Would you like another cup of tea?" (please say you don't want one because you're planning on going home soon, if I have to make another pot of tea I shall drop dead). The brandy didn't even come out once, cos if they start getting brandy they'll deffinately stay.

The good thing is that I didn't get many phone calls... cos everyone was sodding well here! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My new Morecambe and Wise videos arrived in the post this morning, but because of my visitors I've only had the chance to watch one of them... and now am too tired to appreciate watching another one.

And my new Moonie book has arrived. It doesn't seem to be written very well. And they called Annette Amanda in one of the pictures. Dimwit.

Grumble grumble.

I think I shall go to Leeds tomorrow... then no-one can visit me! LOL! In need of Hard Rock food. And can go buy vintage clothes and look at vintage drums. Yay!

Sunday, 23 October 2005

into the unknown

Today has been full of those "wow, I never knew that" moments.

"Mumsie" from channel 4's The Crystal Maze was played by Alma Cogan's sister... yes, the very same one that had a bit of a thing going on with Paul McCartney.

Phil Daniels has owned a scooter for two years, he bought it as a way of avoiding the London congestion charge (we better get him a job in the American embassy), and lives in constant fear of people recognising him and yelling "Oy! Quadrophenia!" at him.

Was meant to be going to the cinema tonight to watch the new Pride and prejudice. Checked the times and found out it had stopped playing. Damn. Didn't really fancy going to see Wallace and Gromit's "Curse of the Were Rabbit" (or whatever it's called) tonight when I've worked myself up into period drama mode, so called the trip off. Had been worrying how I would carry nachos, ice cream, chocolate and a coke one handed anyway. :-( And this new big scree version isn't exactly going to beat the BBC TV marathon is it? Best book adaptation *ever*. Am going to stay at home and prolly watch the DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South instead.

Have finally got an appointment with the specialist for next Monday morning... mildly nervous. Especially as I have to go to the hospital for it.. they might do weird tests. Help! Oh well, I'm going so they can fix me (good luck to them! LOL). Hope I don't need operating on. Can't imagine they put you to sleep just to operate on your wrist... will need someone to hold me down. If I need someone to hold my hand at the dentists I am so going to need restrainign by a lot of people for that sort of thing.


...and how will this affect my future palmistry wise? Your four chinese fate lines are located on your right wrist... Health, wealth, happiness and long life. Health and wealth are good and strong. Haven't got a long life one, maybe they'll create one. My happiness one has been slowly fading away so maybe they can fix that ..."erm, can you make the incision there please, it'll mean I've got a chance of actually being happy"... oh god. incision. on my wrist. I'll bleed to death! not good with blood.

*passes out*

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Hello, Maternity ward? My cat's having kittens can you send an ambulance

ARGH! Found out today that Jane Asher has in the past has been a figurehead for the Coalition for Medical Progress (the main UK group that lobbies for the use of animals in medical testing) - ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!
I mean, when did you last see a rabbit with a cold sore, a guinea pig complaining of nausea, or a cat that's on the pill?!

I refuse to take my cat's medication when I need antibiotics, and there's no way my cats are getting my pain killers if they've got a headache. Animal medication works on animals and human medication works on humans.

If all the species were so damn similar the vet and the doctor would be the same person. And they have to test it on humans eventually anyway, so why not just do that to start with?

I've gone *right* off Jane now. Totally. Very pissed off! Am going to go sing along to Linda McCartney's album and consider how to expand the Heather section on my website.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

The Magic Coffee Pixie

Very muchly enjoying the weekly edition of The Attic on Who TV. Much better than Richard and Judy any day of the week! It's like the musician version of daytime TV. *Love* it!

Sat here thinking how truly fabulous Rachel's bassist is... even for a bassist... and then he says he used to play drums. My intuition is astounding. LOL!

And just how adorable is the magic-coffee-pixie?! Bless! Rachel's going to install a stanna stairlift in for him so the stairs don't do his back in. (Giggles). He even did his fabulous weekly tales of musicians from the "the good old days" which I *adore* seeing as that's my musical era in the first place... but I just love the way there's all these new musos sat around listening to him like he's the guru. LOL! This week it was Pentangle! And Jimmy Page got a mention, but only for inventing a bizarre mechanical guitar that changes it's own tuning as you play it. Sounds dreadful!

Mikey is playing more of the songs he wrote about Rene.. which are actually much better than the ones about the ex-girlfriend who shall not be named. Those songs were pretty, but not as fab as the new stuff.
They've played Winter again which is beautiful. And it's all getting very crowded in the attic. Rachel and Mikey of course... but there's also Pete and Simon and Rachel's bassist (need to know his name) and "the tampon dog" - bless!

the Carnabetian Army marches on

Have had time to catch up with my research for the Vintage Fashion Guild and am now contributor for 17 of the listings on the Labels Resource (I *love* doing write-ups for that... and sneaking pictures of Keith Moon, Pattie Boyd and The Beatles into them) which is really quite exciting for me. When I first started hanging out with that crowd they all seemed so knowledgable and I never thought I'd be able to contribute properly.
"TO DO" notes

  • scan Peggy Moffitt label research background info on the label.
  • start compiling info on the Apple Boutique (gosh that's going to be a lot of work - information overload, too many sources!)
  • remember to send the Mr Freedom Label
  • look out for the I Was Lord Kitcheners Valet write-up appearing
  • scan the 1950s sambo fashions label
  • do the whole Peter Barron thing - 90s and 70s label scans, plus research and write-up
  • if I can bear it, organise my Biba collection. Yikes!
  • ....and if I get a certain lovely jacket off ebay, I shall have to start doing more research into Take 6... I know it was on Carnaby and that the Troggs got their first trademark suits there... but rather stuck otherwise. Time to raid the 60s mags collection I think.

feeling smug

Ventured out into the big wide world as I *needed* pizza. Driving left handed isn't too hard seeing as I often put my make-up on when I'm on my way to work in the morning and am quite used to it... but I have today achieved the unthinkable. One handed speedy parallel parking into a tiny parking space. YAY me!

I've been severely dreadful at parallel parking since passing my driving test as all of a sudden I could avoid it and use car parks and walk (walking being prefereable to parallel parking). So the skill kind of died, and now when I have to parallel park I usually have a total freak out, take a long time over it and plan each move in great detail before going ahead... and then screw it up and get really mad with myself and drive off and park elsewhere.

But today I was in a hurry cos my pizza was getting cold and there was also a crowd of builders stood on the corner of the road watching in a very amused and patronising manner... so my "yeah so I'm a blonde female driver, but I can sodding well do this, you damnwell watch me!" attitude kicked in and I zoomed into the space perfectly at break neck speed. Bet Nigel Mansell couldn't have done better. HA!

I reserve the right to be smug about this all day long.

And then on the way home I took a short cut through a really silly little windy road where you have to creep out slowly at the junction cos you can't see a thing and it's likely someone will appear out of nowhere and smash into you... and some dimwit came round me in fourth gear and rushed straight out into the road... luckily (she says with great sarcasm) he didn't get smashed into. But I caught up with him at next junction a few yards down the road where he was having much more trouble getting into the traffic, revved at him and he promptly stalled the car. Haha! He got in a right mess then so I left him to it, drove round him and left him sat there.

Get off the damn road, there's a revengeful blonde in the area. LOL!

Thursday, 1 September 2005

About Me

Beatle Girls: I have an endless fascination with the Beatles' wives and girlfriends. It seems silly how many girls hate them out of sheer rediculous jealousy. Those four lads had fantastic taste in women, so many of them were so deeply inspirational... in their careers, their passions, their talents and even just their day to day behaviour, how they got on in the world. Maureen is my favourite by far, I think she's absoloute perfection. Wish she were still around.

Vintage Fashion: I love that Coco Chanel quote "I'm against fashion that doesn't last. I cannot accept that you throw your clothes away just because it is Spring" I also can't understand why everyone insists that their clothes are a reflection of who they are... and then they go out and buy exactly what everyone else around them is wearing... what does that say about you? That you're a sheep with no mind of your own? That you're completley ruled by peer pressure?
I can't stand all that. I wear what I want... which is mainly slightly far out and often from the 1960s. I love all the brightly coloured geometric fashions and am most comfortable in a polo neck, mini skirt and kitten heels. The beautiful Dollyrockers range created by Samuel Sherman, the geometric clothing by Quant's Ginger Group. But I also like the 1970s and even 1990s clothes on Barbara Hulanicki's Biba label which make up a large part of my daytime wardrobe... Dollyrockers being the main label in me evening wardrobe. I like Pucci for nightwear cos it's far-out but pretty. One nightie looks like it's fallen out of the Yellow Submaine film, and the next is all soft chocolate and lace. And whoever invented fishnet stockings, knee high boots, velvet jackets and stiletto heels should all be given knighthoods because I couldn't be me without any of those.

Music and Musicians: My musician habit is probably my greatest vice, but how could you not love musicians when they create something as magical and earthshatteringly powerful as music. I don't even care what era or type of music it is, so long as it's created by real inspirational talented people I can usually appreciate it. Classic Rock by The Who and Led Zep is amazing, and Poison by Alice Cooper was disturbingly one of my favourite songs as a child. But then there's the soft warm comfort of a Dean Martin song, the thrill of Gene Krupa setting the room on fire with a drum beat, Billie Holiday making the cold world just that little bit more shivery yet bearable, the Beatles making everything nice and shiny and cuddly again, the Lightning Seeds making sunbeams and rainbows bounce around in your soul, and each and every fabulous amazing creative person out there that catches another little magic part of my soul and makes it sing. I'm particularly fascinated with drumming and think drummers are the best invention on the whole planet (so I'm totally into that Hindu idea that the universe was created with a drum beat rather than a big bang - yay Shiva!), but bassists are particularly dark and thrilling too, the guitarists putting all the magic stuff in there that you can't quite pin down... and lead singers are sometimes alright I guess when their egos don't get in the way of their existance and their body doesn't get imbetween me and a good view of the drummer!