Saturday, 29 October 2005

stop the world I want to get off

Had one of those really antisocial days today. Everytime I had a visitor I was repeatedly wondering when they were going to go home. "Would you like another cup of tea?" (please say you don't want one because you're planning on going home soon, if I have to make another pot of tea I shall drop dead). The brandy didn't even come out once, cos if they start getting brandy they'll deffinately stay.

The good thing is that I didn't get many phone calls... cos everyone was sodding well here! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My new Morecambe and Wise videos arrived in the post this morning, but because of my visitors I've only had the chance to watch one of them... and now am too tired to appreciate watching another one.

And my new Moonie book has arrived. It doesn't seem to be written very well. And they called Annette Amanda in one of the pictures. Dimwit.

Grumble grumble.

I think I shall go to Leeds tomorrow... then no-one can visit me! LOL! In need of Hard Rock food. And can go buy vintage clothes and look at vintage drums. Yay!

Sunday, 23 October 2005

into the unknown

Today has been full of those "wow, I never knew that" moments.

"Mumsie" from channel 4's The Crystal Maze was played by Alma Cogan's sister... yes, the very same one that had a bit of a thing going on with Paul McCartney.

Phil Daniels has owned a scooter for two years, he bought it as a way of avoiding the London congestion charge (we better get him a job in the American embassy), and lives in constant fear of people recognising him and yelling "Oy! Quadrophenia!" at him.

Was meant to be going to the cinema tonight to watch the new Pride and prejudice. Checked the times and found out it had stopped playing. Damn. Didn't really fancy going to see Wallace and Gromit's "Curse of the Were Rabbit" (or whatever it's called) tonight when I've worked myself up into period drama mode, so called the trip off. Had been worrying how I would carry nachos, ice cream, chocolate and a coke one handed anyway. :-( And this new big scree version isn't exactly going to beat the BBC TV marathon is it? Best book adaptation *ever*. Am going to stay at home and prolly watch the DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South instead.

Have finally got an appointment with the specialist for next Monday morning... mildly nervous. Especially as I have to go to the hospital for it.. they might do weird tests. Help! Oh well, I'm going so they can fix me (good luck to them! LOL). Hope I don't need operating on. Can't imagine they put you to sleep just to operate on your wrist... will need someone to hold me down. If I need someone to hold my hand at the dentists I am so going to need restrainign by a lot of people for that sort of thing.


...and how will this affect my future palmistry wise? Your four chinese fate lines are located on your right wrist... Health, wealth, happiness and long life. Health and wealth are good and strong. Haven't got a long life one, maybe they'll create one. My happiness one has been slowly fading away so maybe they can fix that ..."erm, can you make the incision there please, it'll mean I've got a chance of actually being happy"... oh god. incision. on my wrist. I'll bleed to death! not good with blood.

*passes out*

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Hello, Maternity ward? My cat's having kittens can you send an ambulance

ARGH! Found out today that Jane Asher has in the past has been a figurehead for the Coalition for Medical Progress (the main UK group that lobbies for the use of animals in medical testing) - ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!
I mean, when did you last see a rabbit with a cold sore, a guinea pig complaining of nausea, or a cat that's on the pill?!

I refuse to take my cat's medication when I need antibiotics, and there's no way my cats are getting my pain killers if they've got a headache. Animal medication works on animals and human medication works on humans.

If all the species were so damn similar the vet and the doctor would be the same person. And they have to test it on humans eventually anyway, so why not just do that to start with?

I've gone *right* off Jane now. Totally. Very pissed off! Am going to go sing along to Linda McCartney's album and consider how to expand the Heather section on my website.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

The Magic Coffee Pixie

Very muchly enjoying the weekly edition of The Attic on Who TV. Much better than Richard and Judy any day of the week! It's like the musician version of daytime TV. *Love* it!

Sat here thinking how truly fabulous Rachel's bassist is... even for a bassist... and then he says he used to play drums. My intuition is astounding. LOL!

And just how adorable is the magic-coffee-pixie?! Bless! Rachel's going to install a stanna stairlift in for him so the stairs don't do his back in. (Giggles). He even did his fabulous weekly tales of musicians from the "the good old days" which I *adore* seeing as that's my musical era in the first place... but I just love the way there's all these new musos sat around listening to him like he's the guru. LOL! This week it was Pentangle! And Jimmy Page got a mention, but only for inventing a bizarre mechanical guitar that changes it's own tuning as you play it. Sounds dreadful!

Mikey is playing more of the songs he wrote about Rene.. which are actually much better than the ones about the ex-girlfriend who shall not be named. Those songs were pretty, but not as fab as the new stuff.
They've played Winter again which is beautiful. And it's all getting very crowded in the attic. Rachel and Mikey of course... but there's also Pete and Simon and Rachel's bassist (need to know his name) and "the tampon dog" - bless!

the Carnabetian Army marches on

Have had time to catch up with my research for the Vintage Fashion Guild and am now contributor for 17 of the listings on the Labels Resource (I *love* doing write-ups for that... and sneaking pictures of Keith Moon, Pattie Boyd and The Beatles into them) which is really quite exciting for me. When I first started hanging out with that crowd they all seemed so knowledgable and I never thought I'd be able to contribute properly.
"TO DO" notes

  • scan Peggy Moffitt label research background info on the label.
  • start compiling info on the Apple Boutique (gosh that's going to be a lot of work - information overload, too many sources!)
  • remember to send the Mr Freedom Label
  • look out for the I Was Lord Kitcheners Valet write-up appearing
  • scan the 1950s sambo fashions label
  • do the whole Peter Barron thing - 90s and 70s label scans, plus research and write-up
  • if I can bear it, organise my Biba collection. Yikes!
  • ....and if I get a certain lovely jacket off ebay, I shall have to start doing more research into Take 6... I know it was on Carnaby and that the Troggs got their first trademark suits there... but rather stuck otherwise. Time to raid the 60s mags collection I think.

feeling smug

Ventured out into the big wide world as I *needed* pizza. Driving left handed isn't too hard seeing as I often put my make-up on when I'm on my way to work in the morning and am quite used to it... but I have today achieved the unthinkable. One handed speedy parallel parking into a tiny parking space. YAY me!

I've been severely dreadful at parallel parking since passing my driving test as all of a sudden I could avoid it and use car parks and walk (walking being prefereable to parallel parking). So the skill kind of died, and now when I have to parallel park I usually have a total freak out, take a long time over it and plan each move in great detail before going ahead... and then screw it up and get really mad with myself and drive off and park elsewhere.

But today I was in a hurry cos my pizza was getting cold and there was also a crowd of builders stood on the corner of the road watching in a very amused and patronising manner... so my "yeah so I'm a blonde female driver, but I can sodding well do this, you damnwell watch me!" attitude kicked in and I zoomed into the space perfectly at break neck speed. Bet Nigel Mansell couldn't have done better. HA!

I reserve the right to be smug about this all day long.

And then on the way home I took a short cut through a really silly little windy road where you have to creep out slowly at the junction cos you can't see a thing and it's likely someone will appear out of nowhere and smash into you... and some dimwit came round me in fourth gear and rushed straight out into the road... luckily (she says with great sarcasm) he didn't get smashed into. But I caught up with him at next junction a few yards down the road where he was having much more trouble getting into the traffic, revved at him and he promptly stalled the car. Haha! He got in a right mess then so I left him to it, drove round him and left him sat there.

Get off the damn road, there's a revengeful blonde in the area. LOL!