Wednesday, 19 October 2005

the Carnabetian Army marches on

Have had time to catch up with my research for the Vintage Fashion Guild and am now contributor for 17 of the listings on the Labels Resource (I *love* doing write-ups for that... and sneaking pictures of Keith Moon, Pattie Boyd and The Beatles into them) which is really quite exciting for me. When I first started hanging out with that crowd they all seemed so knowledgable and I never thought I'd be able to contribute properly.
"TO DO" notes

  • scan Peggy Moffitt label research background info on the label.
  • start compiling info on the Apple Boutique (gosh that's going to be a lot of work - information overload, too many sources!)
  • remember to send the Mr Freedom Label
  • look out for the I Was Lord Kitcheners Valet write-up appearing
  • scan the 1950s sambo fashions label
  • do the whole Peter Barron thing - 90s and 70s label scans, plus research and write-up
  • if I can bear it, organise my Biba collection. Yikes!
  • ....and if I get a certain lovely jacket off ebay, I shall have to start doing more research into Take 6... I know it was on Carnaby and that the Troggs got their first trademark suits there... but rather stuck otherwise. Time to raid the 60s mags collection I think.

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  1. im glad to be related to peggy moffitt :) (me, adelie moffitt) lol!!!!!!