Thursday, 20 October 2005

Hello, Maternity ward? My cat's having kittens can you send an ambulance

ARGH! Found out today that Jane Asher has in the past has been a figurehead for the Coalition for Medical Progress (the main UK group that lobbies for the use of animals in medical testing) - ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!
I mean, when did you last see a rabbit with a cold sore, a guinea pig complaining of nausea, or a cat that's on the pill?!

I refuse to take my cat's medication when I need antibiotics, and there's no way my cats are getting my pain killers if they've got a headache. Animal medication works on animals and human medication works on humans.

If all the species were so damn similar the vet and the doctor would be the same person. And they have to test it on humans eventually anyway, so why not just do that to start with?

I've gone *right* off Jane now. Totally. Very pissed off! Am going to go sing along to Linda McCartney's album and consider how to expand the Heather section on my website.

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