Thursday, 8 October 2009

She keeps Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet

(essential soundtrack for his post. Turn up the volume and set the video to play)

For someone who is easily seduced by decadence, loves fashion, devours art and admires historical female rulers "The Regal Twelve" series by Alexia Sinclair reduces me to purring ecstacy. Inspired equally by Botticelli and Alexander McQueen the digital fantasy montages pay tribute to twelve beautiful and impressive women.

My beloved and most idolised Elizabeth I

The Queen of decadence Marie Antoniette

The deeply Catholic yet effortlessly regal Isabella of Spain

The wicked yet irresistable Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory
For more of Alexia's spectacular work, visit

...and for those who find these royal ladies as enchanting and fascinating as I do, it's time you joined the regal court of twitter where three of these ladies hold court among the other undead royals:
Elizabeth Tudor - (played by myself)
For anyone utterly addicted there's a whole role playing forum where you can exist as long in the royal heart as your decadent little heart desires:


  1. Amazing work!

    I got very spooked at the Hard Rock today because they played Killer Queen and I was squealing stupidly at Charley about how you'd posted a blog with this title today....

    Then they started playing Nickelback and I very nearly threw my chips at the screen in disgust...(channeling you in Liverpool there...)

  2. If the Nickelback track was "Rockstar" then my aura was deffinately with you, the lyrics to that song crack me up. know how my aura just floats about the Hard Rock in London anyway. Mmmmaureen world. ;)

  3. It wasn't Rockstar, they played two dreary, drony piles of poo.

    But yes, your aura was definitely there with us while we sat under Keef's purple velvet suit!!