Friday, 23 October 2009

"Is she pretty? Yes ever so."

Last night I had a fabulous time at the launch of the new Foale & Tuffin exhibition and book (if you're a 1960s fiend you really must see both ASAP) where I saw lots of ultra fabulous people and briefly met the lovely Jenny Boyd. More on all of that tomorrow when I've had some rest.

Til then, here's a splurge of Jenny modelling for the lovely and super talented Foale and Tuffin, the "Peter Blakes of Fashion". ;)

F&T's Y-front Dress

F&Ts's Double D Dress
yes that's in the exhibition)

F&T's Crossword Puzzle Dress
(also in the exhibition thanks to the phenomenal collection of the lovely Liz of Vintage A Peel)

Youthquake Tour

Jenny in F&T Funburst
Pattie in F&T Double D variation.

Super cool pic of Jenny in an ultra bright Funburst dress. There was some footage showing at the exhibition of lots of running round this phone box in fab outfits, but I don't recall seeing Jenny wearing this one.

the sisters in the window of the F&T shop.

...I'll have to do a quick raid and dig out loads more pics of F&T outfits. I know there's tonnes more starring Jenny, Pattie, Jane Asher and Marianne Faithfull.


  1. Noooo way you've met Jenny Boyd :O I might as well hate you right now ! ;) Just kidding.

  2. I've just seen that you put a link to my blog on your Little Willow Website ! Thank you so much this is deeply appreciated :)

  3. If it's any consolation I never got to meet our true 60s female icon, Maureen. *sniffles*

    I was way more excited to meet Jenny than I was pattie, and phenomenal as Pattie is I like Jenny more. Is that wrong? Oh well. I just find Jenny easier to identify with and aspire towards if that makes any sense?

  4. Yeah it does ! It's easier to relate to Jenny, I guess. I have always related more to someone like Cynthia or Maureen than Pattie...I mean she's glamorous and all but I don't know...I found Maureen's sweetness and chirpiness more attractive !