Monday, 5 October 2009

It had to be mine

I shall soon be re-launching my Little Willow website... thanks to geocities for closing down (that's a great help, thanks!)

...but before then a special gem from my collection. Bought in auction a few years ago, this is a Starkey family photograph taken during a party at Ringo's mum Elsie's house by the man himself. I fought over it tooth and nail with a dealer because it was a picture of my idol Maureen taken by her husband. And for that reason, it had to be mine.


  1. Omg this is the best photo ever !!! I'm amazed each time. Do I have the permission to take it (I'll put a tag on it with your ''nickname'') ?

  2. Whoo!! .. could i post it on my photo blog with credit please? .. if you have a larger scan i'll also be able to work on fixing the photo for you,


  3. Just wondering (you're not obligated to answer lol) how much did you pay for it ? It is really expensive ?