Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Richard Becknsale

Richard understandably being pounced upon in The Lovers film.

Thanks to the demise of geocities I have lost many of my ancient websites. Seeing as so many people were using the Richard Beckinsale one for reference I've re-launched it here. No fancy bits, just lots of the info I've collected together on his career in film, television and the theatre, a bit of his poetry... and some lovely photos.

So the question now is... are these photos a way to entice you into the website or is the website just an excuse for me to post some gratuitous Beckinsale pics?

Richard on the stage in Funny Peculiar. Yes, some lucky so and sos got to seem him live on stage draped precariously in a dressing gown.

A still from the film Rentadick. No, it's not like that despite the name and the image. Nor is the TV series or film of The Lovers. Richard's a very serious actor I'll have you know.

...well, okay, maybe not that serious.

Anyway, for those of you who've managed to miss Richard all together (this being all the non-Brits I imagine. In the UK we're all raised on Richard's comedy TV shows), he's the late great father of kate Beckinsale who sadly died very young in the midst of a most promising career.
For more info... check out the website. It's very basic as it was one of my first creations, but it's informative.

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