Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The joy of music

Y'know when you hear a song performed so amazingly that it's like discovering music all over again? I love that feeling.

My latest moment like that was in the car the other night listening to Radio 2. They played a live version of Stop by Joe Bonamassa and I sat in the dark in the driveway until the whole song had finished.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Joe and his band perform live. Bizarrely it was on a night in Morecambe when the whole sky seemed to empty itself upon our heads as we walked from the hotel to the gig venue. We arrived like wet rats, dropped as much dripping wet clothing to the floor as was considered appropriate and gloried at the beautiful music gliding through the darkened venue. ...and at the end Heather and I scrambled towards the front to get a view of the incredibly talented and yummy drummer cos we're like that.

Highly recommended.

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