Saturday, 17 December 2005

The brick phone has died

Well, seeing as my beloved brick phone that I've had since I was a trainee hairdresser (yes, I *have* had it that long) has died, I've had to buy a new one. The brick phone still switches on... but switches itself off if you press the call or send message buttons.. and also the minute you answer a call. Not terribly helpful behaviour in a mobile phone. It's so old though, and it's been dropped and thrown around, got all sorts of hairspray and things all over it in its first few months of life, and it's finally just had enough.

I've gone from brick phone that you could knock potential attackers out with to a light weight, foldable, picture taking, voice recognition phone that you can play monopoly on.

So I've spent a rediculous amount of time today setting my new phone up, learning how to use it... and irritating the hell out of Enty my cat by taking pictures of him with it. Tried taking pictures of Dusty too, but seeing as she's one big mass of black fluff she doesn't come out very well. :-( ..Enty is fed up and is curled up in a little ball behind the sofa now. It's so tiring being hounded by the paparazzi, LOL! Mother is fed up of me calling her, just to check if yelling "Mum!" at my phone makes it ring her or not. And I think it's time I left the poor phone alone before I wear this one out too. Love having new toys to play with! :-D

...and I've already downloaded it a ring tone of Guns&Roses singing the chorus of Sweet Child Of Mine cos I love that song. The only love-song (ish) a rock musician has ever written about a girl that wouldn't make her want to cringe and run and hide under the nearest rock for the next ten years. LOL! ...then again, Poison would ba a cool song to have written about you wouldn't it... if you're the sort of person who likes being stalked by psychotic weirdos.. erm, yeah, okay, that ones not so good either. But at least it's not so soppy you want to throw up.

...very excited about tonight's Attic show. I really have missed that. I know, I know, I should get out more... just not when The Attic is on!!!

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