Thursday, 10 November 2005

how irritating!

in the "blogs of note" section when I logged into my blog today, they listed "boy who heard music" but not "rachelfuller".

Terribly unimpressed. It's put me right off.

Apparently one of Paul McCartney's gigs is going to be broadcast live to the international space station crew in order to wake them up... I think that's a little cruel, forcing them to listen to something. It's okay if they like hs music, but what if they don't? I imagine the horror I would face if I were several hundred miles in space and they broadcast something by T*m J***s (who I have a very rational phobia of), and I couldn't open the door and run to escape it! I'd break my way out of the space station with a tin opener if I had to. Dreadful idea. I don't see why they can't choose what they want to listen to.


  1. There's a reason for this. The last space shuttle that was in trouble heard Good Day Sunshine, a Beatles song, as they came back to earth safely.

  2. absolutely the best!

    McCartney in space. Geez.

    My Son and I were blessed today with the sight of two white doves flying together. I put pictures up on my blog to share with you.

    Peace, love and light to you and yours.

  3. Rachel Fuller that is! The best.